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Cuyahoga County Invest in Children Invest in Children brings together the resources of Cuyahoga County public and private funders to ensure the well-being of the County's youngest residents, those from birth to age three. The Initiative is aimed at ensuring healthy children, effective parents and quality child care. Starting Point has played an important role in this ambitious community-wide program-- creating the "Care for Kids" family child care home system and expanding child care for children with special needs.

Invest In Children secures public and private funding and maximizes the individual efforts of partner organizations and agencies, working with them to develop and expand essential programs and services for children and their families. Visit the Invest in Children website

Youth Development (MyCom) MyCom is a Cuyahoga County youth movement that provides Greater Cleveland’s young people, kindergarten through graduation, with the positive experiences and caring adults they need to reach their full potential and become good citizens. It provides employment opportunities and out-of-school-time activities, helps young people through school transitions (i.e., home to kindergarten, elementary school to middle school, etc.), and links them to appropriate resources and opportunities in their own neighborhoods. Several lead agencies, including Starting Point, provide services. For more information log onto Youth Development.

Starting Point's role with MyCom is to offer a wide range of activities after school, on the weekends, and during the summer to engage kids in fun, positive experiences. Through Starting Point, MyCom has helped to fund more than 25 out-of-school-time programs for young people.

Care For Kids A Starting Point program aimed at fostering quality child care homes. Recruits, certifies, trains and consults with family child care home providers. Promotes quality enhancement. Awards Care for Kids certificates for higher levels of training; seals of Excellence to providers who meet high quality standards. Care for Kids is part of the Cuyahoga County's Invest in Children.

Special Needs Child Care Recruits, trains and consults with child care administrators and staff on providing specialized care for children with disabilities, health needs and emotional problems. Special Needs Child Care is part of the Cuyahoga County's Invest in Children.

Public Information and Education Starting Point's advocacy efforts on behalf of child care reach from our Northeast Ohio communities all the way to the White House. Initiatives include increasing funding and programming for child care; ensuring child care for parents moving from welfare to work; stimulating key local, State and Federal legislation and developing new public and private child care approaches.

Data Bank Starting Point's extensive data bank is a valuable aid to planning and programs -- for Starting Point and the community. With it, the agency pinpoints the neighborhoods with child care shortages, the income levels of parents seeking care, the need for care and many other statistics important to efficiently planning areawide child care services and programs. For all the communities in the four county area, the information is a valuable resource of information on young children and their families.

Community Planning, Consultations Starting Point works with public and private organizations, corporations, churches and school systems on a variety of issues aimed at improving all aspects of the child care and early education experience.